Hong-Xia FAN, Doctor

Release date:2018-08-20
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Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Applied Psychology, South China Normal University,Guangzhou,China
Master in Developmental and Educational Psychology, Shanxi University,Taiyuan, China
Bachelor in School Education, Shanxi University, Taiyuan, China


Current Position

Invited Professor for Ph.D. students, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, City University of Macau
Professor, Supervisor for Master students in College of Education Science, Shanxi University
Vice President, Chinese Association of Analytical Psychology
Secretary general, Shanxi Psychological Society


Working Experience

2009-2013  Vice-president of the School of Education Science. Vice-minister of Student Affairs Department. Director of Psychological Counseling Center of Shanxi University
2008-2009  the Director of Psychological Laboratory, Dean of the Psychology Department, of Shanxi University
1999-2002  Associate Professor, College of Education Science, Shanxi University


Courses Taught

2016/2017 Academic Year 1st semester
MP002 Basic Principle of psychology 
DP001 Theories of Modern Psychology 


Research Area

Spirit Nourishment, Health and Education
Theory and Practice of Analytical Psychology




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Research Thesis

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Academic Awards

2011  The outstanding teacher award of Baosteel Education Found
2006  “Three Standardized Study Guide Teaching Operation”, Teaching achievements of Shanxi ordinary colleges and Universities, 1st Prize
2002  Foxconn Award for Teaching and Outstanding teacher of Shanxi University
2001  Outstanding courses of Psychology award by Shanxi University
2000  China’s Youth Award of Shanxi Province
1999  Teaching basic skills contest for young teachers in colleges and universities of Shanxi Province, 1st Prize and merit citation class two


Professional Affiliations

2013-present  International Association of Analytical Psychology
2008-present  Chinese Association of Analytical Psychology
2007-present   Shanxi Psychological Society