Full-time, Special Appointments and Part-time

Faculty of Institute of Analytical Psychology (Full-time, special appointments and Part-time)


The Institute of Analytical Psychology at City University of Macau has been supported by international professional organizations such as the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) since its inception. As more Jungian Analysts and scholars from home and abroad joined in, the Institute is now becoming an important base for the greater China region in the field of Analytical Psychology.



Professor Shen Heyong, IAAP/ISST Analyst;

Dr. Cai Chenghou, ISST Sandplay Therapist, IAAP Analyst;

Dr. Wang Yiwen, IAAP/ISST Analyst Candidate;

Dr. Ying Zhehua, IAAP/ISST Analyst Candidate;


Special appointments:

Luigi Zoja, former chairman of IAAP, Jungian Analyst from Italy;

Rie Michell, former chairman of ISST, Sandplay Therapist from the United States;

Kazuhiko Higuchi, former President of the Japan Association of Sandplay Therapy;

Eva Pattis, President of the International Association of Expressive Sandwork (IAES), Jungian Analyst from Italy;

Paul Kugler, Honorary Secretary of IAAP, Jungian Analyst from the United States;

John Beebe, Director of the C. G. Jung Institutes in San Francisco, Jungian Analyst;

Gao Lan, President of Chinese Association of Analytical Psychology, IAAP/ISST Analyst;

Yang Shaogang, Professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Dean of the Confucius Institute in Egypt;

Fan Hongxia, Professor at Shanxi University, IAAP Analyst;

Wang Haowei, Executive Director of Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy;

Brian Feldman, Professor at Stanford University, IAAP Analyst;

Joe Cambray, former Chairman of IAAP, President of the Pacifica Graduate Institute (US),

Andrew Samuels, Professor at University of Essex (UK), IAAP Analyst;

Murray Stein, former chairman of IAAP, Principal of the International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (Switzerland);

Allan Guggenbuhl, Professor at University of Zurich (Switzerland), creator of Mythodrama;


The Institute of Analytical Psychology also has engaged many distinguished academics as our part-time faculty. Among them are:

Leland van den Daele (Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies, U.S.),

Geoffery Blowers (Professor of Psychology at University of Hong Kong),

Yue Xiaodong (Professor at City University of Hong Kong),

Yang Bei (Professor at Taipei University, Taiwan),

Yang Rubin (Professor at Tsinghua University, Taiwan),

Song Wenli (Professor at Chiao Tung University, Taiwan),

Ma Xiangzhen (Professor at Southeast University),

Guo Benyu (Professor at Nanjing Normal University),

Ye Yiduo (Professor at Fujian Normal University),

Ma Xinchuan (Professor at Shenzhen University),

Guo Siping (Professor at Guangzhou University) ),

Chen Kan (Associate Professor at Fudan University),

Feng Jianguo (Associate Professor at Daqing Normal University),

Li Jiangxue (Associate Professor at South China Normal University), etc.