About IAP

City University of Macau, Institute of Analytical Psychology




Since City University of Macau was restricted in 2011, Analytical Psychology has been determined as the guiding discipline for City U’s Applied Psychology Programme. Together with international academic and professional organizations such as the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) , City U and its Institute of Analytical Psychology has successfully organized and hosted the International Conference on Analytical Psychology and Chinese Culture on campus in 2012 and 2015 for participants from more than 20 different countries and regions.


Many internationally renowned Jungian Analysts and Sandplay Therapists, respected psychologists and experience academics have been appointed as visiting and part-time professors by City U in support of the Institute, chief among them several chairmen of IAAP/ISST, as well as Murray Stein, Joe Cambray, John Beebe, Luigi Zoja, Eva Pattis, Brian Feldman, Allan Guggenbuhl, Paul Kugler, Rie Mitchell, Andrew Samuels, Leland van den Daele, Geoffrey Blowers, Kazuhiko Higuchi, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Yang Shaogang, Wang Haowei, Yang Rubin, Song Wenli, Yue Xiaodong, Guo Benyu , Ma Xiangzhen, Ye Yiduo and more.


The Institute of Analytical Psychology at City U is further supported by IAAP, ISST, the International Association of Expressive Sandwork (IAES) and the International Society of Embodied Imagination (ISEI).

The Institute is currently in cooperation with International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (Switzerland), Pacifica Graduate Institute (U.S.), California Institute of Integral Studies (U.S.), C. G. Jung Institutes in Zurich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome (Italy), the Jung Center of Houston and Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology. With abundant opportunities for global academic exchanges, more than 20 graduates and current students have passed professional assessment by IAAP/ISST at various levels and become professional Jungian Analyst candidates.


Based on Chinese culture and rooted in Analytical Psychology, the Institute’s mission is to integrate and promote Analytical Psychology with sandplay therapy, dream work, image and imagery research, to lead and contribute to the development of our discipline in mainland China and the Chinese community, to cultivate top-tier researchers and practitioners in psychology in order to produce Jungian Analysts with corresponding international qualifications native to Chinese culture. With honesty and sincerity, with understandings in knowledge and principles, with virtues practiced by actions, we shall continue to strive for progress.