Qiu-Shi WANG, Doctor

Release date:2018-08-20
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Qiu-Shi Wang,Doctor


Basic Information:

Doctor of applied psychology

Member of the Oriental Psychological Analysis Center

Lecturer, Shenzhen Tourism College, Jinan University, Consultant, Psychological Counseling Center

Research Areas:

Psychological transformation of traditional culture, psychological analysis, sand table treatment

Zen, suicidal psychoanalysis, and related philosophical fields

Academic Achievements:

1. Wang Qiushi, Liu Jianxin, Shen Heyong, Foreign Suicide Psychology Research and Theory Review Psychological Science Progress 2006

2. Liu Jianxin, Wang Qiushi, Shen Heyong, Psychotherapy for Post-stroke Depression, Chinese Journal of Mental Health

3. Peace of Mind Education - Psychological Analysis of Education Implications China Education NewsAugust 18, 2005

4. Zheng Fuming and Wang Qiu are translated and translated: "Buddhist and Psychotherapy Art" and its book review. October 2004 Taiwan Mind Workshop published

5. Wang Qiu, Chen Jing, He Qing translation, self-imagery 2006 Guangdong Higher Education Press will be published soon

6. "Running the Country by Virtue: Creative Transformation of the Rule of Virtue" April 2003 Jinan University Press

7. Feng Jianguo, Wang Qiuye, Dong Shufei, "The Essence of Physical Fields and Their Interactions", 2003, International Journal of Neuropsychiatry, No. 5, 356-360

8. "Several Theoretical Issues on the Construction of Humanities"2000 "Non-ferrous Metals Higher Education Research"No. 2

9. "Work, Life and Future of Youth in Three-Funded Enterprises"2000 "Contemporary Youth Research"No. 1

10. “Investigation and Description of Youth Survival Methods in Foreign-funded Enterprises”, 1997, Youth Exploration, Issue 6

11. Chapter 4 of "The Subject of Spiritual Civilization Construction"1997 Guangzhou Publishing House

12. Wang Qiu, Shen Heyong, Rogers' psychotherapy thought and Zen ideology comparison

13. Wang Qiuyi, No My Psychotherapy: A Review of He He's Psychotherapy Thoughts, Social Science Press

Participate In The Meeting:

September 2002 Guangzhou “The 2nd International Symposium on Psychoanalysis and Chinese Culture”

In October 2003, Taiwan participated in the lecture on "Junge Psychology and Chinese Argumentation"

Shanghai, September 2004 "China's First China Psychoanalytic Annual Meeting"

April 2005 Each of the lectures on mental health for Guangdong Women’s Prison and Panyu Prison 

 Personal Experience:

1998 - Jinan University Shenzhen Tourism College

2002-2005 Graduate student of psychology, South China Normal University

1995 - 1998 Master of Philosophy, Sun Yat-Sen University

1991-19995 Changde West Dongting Paper Mill, Hunan Province

1989-1991 Changde Teachers College, Hunan Province