Hui-Lin ZHU, Doctor

Release date:2018-08-19
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Doctor in analytic psychology in South China Normal University; Post-doctoral in cognitive neuroscience in South China Normal University;

Part-time lecturer in City University of Macau;

Candidate analyst of International Association of Analytic Psychology (IAAP);

Leader of Guangzhou Development Team of IAAP;

  • level  sandplay therapist/supervisor;

Member of Chinese Association of Analytic Psychology;

In professional training of International Analysis of Analytic Psychology from 2009;

Interpreter of analytic psychology conference;



Barbara Hanna: Snake, Cattle, Lion;

Carl Gustav Jung:Vision Seminar

Carl Gustav Jung: Dream Seminar

Kay Bradway: Bridge and Transcending in Sandplay



Numbers of SCI papers published;

Lead numbers of projects in autism research.

《Human cortical neural correlates of visual fatigue during binocular depth perception: An fNIRS study.》

《Decreased functional connectivity and disrupted neural network in the prefrontal cortex of affective disorders: A resting-state fNIRS study. Journal of affective disorder》

《Atypical prefrontal cortical responses to joint/non-joint attention in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study.》 

《Reduced interhemispheric functional connectivity of children with autism spectrum disorder: evidence from functional near infrared spectroscopy studies.》

《Using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to detect the prefrontal cortical responses to deception under different motivations. 》









Looking for students who: 

Have solid basis of psychology study;

Open and curious for conscious,

Independent thinking ability and critical thinking;

Interested in writing, creating;

Concerning on humanities, science, art and any other fields;

Expecting slash young/teenagers/middle-age (variety of professional identities, characters and abilities);

Interested in exploring the boundary.