Chuan-Shi LIU,Doctor

Release date:2018-08-19
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09/1988-07/1991 Graduated from Jiangxi Normal University, majoring in psychology, graduated with a master's degree in education. 09/1991-07/1994 Graduated from Nanjing Normal University, majoring in psychology, graduated with a doctorate in education.

Work Experience:

09/1994-10/1997 Secretary, Secretary of the Office of the President of Nanjing Normal University, Secretary of the 211 Engineering Office of Nanjing Normal University

11/1997-12/1999 Executive Deputy Director, Information Network Center, Nanjing Normal University

12/1999-09/2003 Vice President of Nanjing Radio and Television University, deputy head of Jiangsu Open Education Reform Leading Group Associate Professor of Nanjing Normal University, Master's Research Supervisor

Associate Dean of Nanjing Normal University, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Psychological Association, Director of Nanjing Children's Autism Research Center

Vice President of Nanjing Normal University, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Psychological Association, Deputy Director of Teacher Development Center of Psychological College

Associate Professor of Nanjing Normal University, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Psychological Association, and Part-time Researcher of New Urbanization Research Institute of East China Jiaotong University

Director of China Micro-Journal Network Development Research Center, Chairman of Nanjing Jiangning Psychology Association

Academic Achievements

4/2016"International Trends in Self-contained Equipment Learning Based on Wisdom Education", Jiangsu Education

01/2011 "Rational Reflection of the Master's Studio",Jiangsu Education Research, Copy of the National People's University of China "Primary and Secondary Education"

1/2005 "Web-based Construction of Western Psychological History Teaching Resources" Psychology Exploration

1/1997 "On the Relationship between Continuity and Discontinuity in the History of Western Psychology"

2/1997"Emotional Intelligence" Sichuan Psychological Science

3/1996"EQ Review"Sichuan Psychological Science

A New Probe into Psychology in the Review of Personality-Interaction Theory in1/1996

11/1995 "The Culture of Behaviorism - Personality Theory"Psychology Exploration

4/1993 "On the qualitative research and quantity research of Western psychology history compilation", Journal of Nanjing Normal University

3/1993 Copy of the full text of the Journal of the People's University of China

3/1991 "A Study of Ancient Chinese Desire Thoughts", "Journal of Jiangxi Normal University", copy of the Journal of the People's University of China,1/1992, full text copy 6/1990 "Innovation of Ancient Chinese Incentives", "Psychological Science"

Publishing Works


07/2011 "People's Feelings and People's Hearts - A Study of Ancient Chinese Lust Psychology", monograph, Shandong Education Publishing House

05/2012"The Selection of 50 Modern and Contemporary Psychologists", Participation, Fujian Education Publishing House

10/2009 "Soothing the Mind, the Psychological Trauma and the Pre-disaster of Children and Children", Editor-in-Chief, Sichuan Education Publishing House

12/2006 History of Psychology, Associate Editor, Beijing Normal University Press

10/2006 Basic Psychology, Associate Editor, Nanjing Normal University Press

06/2004 "Entrepreneurial Competence Psychology", monograph, Shaanxi Normal University Press

04/2000 "The World of Humanity: Public Psychology and Social Personality in the INTENET Era",monograph, Hunan Education Publishing House

05/1998 "History and System of Western Psychology", Participation, People's Education Publishing House

08/1997"The Spirit of the Garden", edited by Nanjing Normal University Press

08/1996"The History of Western Educational Psychology", Fujian Education Publishing House

05/1994 "On the History of Western Psychology", Participation, Anhui Education Publishing House

01/1992 Associate Editor of"Psychological Education for Middle School Students", Anhui Education Publishing House

05/1990"Jiangxi Educator's Biography", Jiangxi Education Publishing House

Hosting Research Projects:

11/2006 Youth Learning Stress Study, Southeast University Learning Center 11/2006 Mental Health Education Master's Practice Teaching Reform Research,

11/2006 Process-based high-level teacher training model exploration: Suzhou Changshu City “Made Teacher Project” on-site research Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education 11/2006 network environment learning and diagnostic technology research, national education science fifteenth planning key project 04/ 2004 Primary and Secondary School Network Resource Construction Research Institute of Jiangsu Province

11/2007 “Image Psychological Representation and Its Strategy in Humanistic Spirit Cultivation”, Jiangsu Provincial Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Key Project 11/2006 “Connotation of Image Culture and Development of Image Resources”, Jiangsu Education Planning Project


09/2016-12/2018 Research and application model of micro-learning application platform Research on key topics of the Central Audio-visual Education Center 10/2011—12/2013 Research on the reform of postgraduate enrollment system Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education has a total funding of 100,000, responsible for sub-projects

T/2010-10/2013 Master of Education, Master Degree, Research and Development, Comprehensive Reform, Ministry of Education, total funding of 600,000, responsible for some of the sub-topics

International Conference:

7/1997, International Conference on Teacher Education in the Mainland, keynote speech "Structure and Cultivation of Chinese Teachers' Humanities Quality", Hong Kong, China 5/2006, International Conference on Autistic Children, Keynote Speech "Characteristics and Rehabilitation of Chinese Children with Autism h China Changzhou 10/2007, Asia International Conference on Autism Research, Keynote Speech "Chinese Children's Autism Research and Education Achievements", Nanjing, China

2009, International Conference on Infant and Child Inflation, 0-3 Years Old, Lecture on "Training and Evaluation of Teachers for 0-3 Years Old Infant Education", Wuxi, China


2007, the first prize of teaching excellence results ranked 4th

2012 National 3rd Education Masters Excellent Management Award National Education Master Teaching Steering Committee

2009-2012 Shide Standards Nanjing Normal University

2015 National 4th Education Masters Excellent Management Award National Education Master Teaching Steering Committee

Social Cooperation

2/2017 Teacher core literacy training platform construction, Jiangsu Suining Normal School, cooperation amount 100,000 11/2016 Teacher core quality research and platform development, Nanjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd., cooperation amount 90,000

10/2016 Children's Activity Curriculum Development, China Social Work Foundation, 100,000 cooperation


A Review on the Research of Children with Autism in China . (In the new directions for child and adolescent development).