Dr. Brian Feldman and Dr. Martin Schmidt were invited to the Academic College for academic exchange

Release date:2018-08-17
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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Psychology Forum (Hua Xin Forum) invited Dr. Brian Feldman, professor of the Stanford University and Dr. Martin Schmidt, secretary-general of the international association for analytical psychology came to give lectures from March 27th to 29th in 2018. This forum was held by institute of analytical psychology of city university of Macau and sponsored by Macau foundation. On the evening of March 27th, Dr. Martin Schmidt gave a lecture on the theme of “psychological skin: mental defense, marginalization, and delusion”. First of all, from the perspective of the theory, he introduced the concept of psychological skin to mental illness and personality disorder treatment, combined with clinical cases and Jung’s experience at the same time; he talked about the positive and negative effects of psychotic delusion to the client. Dr. Martin Schmidt also pointed to the reasons why mental skin has a thick skin as a defense against mental illness. He elaborated his theory with cases and it was warmly welcomed by the students. On the morning of the 28th and the evening of the 29th, Dr. Brian Feldman and Dr. Martin Schmidt conducted the case supervision. Through this supervision we have a further understanding of psychological counseling. Everyone was actively involved. Dr Brian Feldman, a professor at Stanford University, the international famous children's analyst, infant education experts, was the director of clinical psychology of medical school of Stanford university, was in charge of children and teenager clinical psychology training program at Stanford University, chief expert of children psychological center of Stanford University, and once got outstanding contribution award. Dr. Martin Schmidt, secretary-general of IAAP (international association for analytical psychology), regional director of central Europe. He is qualified member of London analytical psychology association. As a psychologist and therapist he had more than 20 years experience in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation