French Jungian Analyst Viviane Thibaudier was invited to FHSS for Lecture

Release date:2018-08-17
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On April,6th-7th in 2018, by the invitation of professor Shen Heyong, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences(FHSS)invited professor Viviane Thibaudier for lecture and case supervision. Prof. Viviane Thibaudier lectured on Active Imagination, Dream and Dreaming, and gave the supervision for master and doctoral students in Applied Psychology and shared her understanding of the work on Freud and Jung's dream. She mentions that dreams is a psychic activity, a psychological phenomenon imprinted with human experience. This human experience is told through a story. The story develops and the subject’s position can be read into it. Such a lecture gives inspiration to masters and doctoral students present. Professor Viviane Thibaudier is the former chairman of French Analytical Psychology. As a Jungian psychoanalyst, she has been working in Paris for more than 40 years. She has been leading the Jung Institute in Paris for more than ten years. She is a very experienced Jungian analyst and she has a book named 100% Jung, who has extensive influence in the international psychology community.5.jpg