Professor Geoffrey Blowers and Dr. Paul Kugler gave multiple lectures

Release date:2018-10-22
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On October 16, 2018, Professor Geoffrey Blowers was invited to give a lecture on Facing the Unconscious. Professor Blowers was the first head of Hong Kong Jung Institute. The lecture was held at T407, Da Feng Building of the campus. Teachers and postgraduate students majored in psychology attended the lecture. 


Professor Geoffrey Blowers introduced from the viewpoint of cognitive psychology related to Freudian, Jung's psychology. He represented the unconscious effect of perception, and described the differences from the conscious effect. He stated that experimental psychology could support the possibility of the exists of unconscious, but whether it could prove the validity of Freudian and Jung models gives us space for thinking and exploring. The present master and doctoral students learnt a lot. 


Geoffrey Blowers was the director of department of psychology in the University of Hong Kong. He is a reporter in many international academic conferences, and published more than 10 papers in the international academic journals and several monographs. His lecture inspired us to a deeper understanding of psychology and to explore innovate thinking.

On October 18, 2018, Dr. Paul Kugler was invited to the Institute to give an academic lecture entitled ‘the Origin and History of Deep Psychology’. Dr.Kugler is an American psychological analyst, and a professor of State University of New York. 

Professor Paul Kugler suggests addressing Deep Psychology in the academic field of psychology and psychiatry. He stated the relationship among the origion of modern psychology, psychiatry and deep psychology. He emphasized that history could give us a clue to learn, and help us understand the development of deep psychology, thereby enhancing our deep understanding and exploring of it. The present master and doctoral students were deeply inspired. 

Professor Paul Kugler is proficient in Jung analytical psychology and classical Freudian psychoanalysis. He published many books, which have a huge impact on analytical psychology. He served as President of the American society of Jung Analysis Society for 15 years, and served as secretary general and honorary secretary general of International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP) for a long time, making remarkable contributions to the development of IAAP