Martin Schmidt

Release date:2018-08-17
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       Martin Schmidt,IAAP(國際分析心理學會)秘書長,中歐區域負責人。倫敦分析心理學會具有培訓資質的分析師。在精神病康復領域作為心理學專家和治療師20餘年,工作群體主要是精神病、自戀、邊緣性人格障礙。

Martin Schmidt, Secretary General of the IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology), Regional Leader for Central Europe, is a training qualification analyst in London Analytical Psychology Association. As a psychologist and the therapist in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation for over 20 years, the working group is mainly Psychosis, Narcissism and Borderline personality disorder.

Martin Schmidt teaches and supervises in the UK and in many regions and countries around the world. In the past 7 years, he has served as a visiting supervisor and trainer in Russian revival plan in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the International Association for Analytical Psychology. He has written extensively and published several papers in “International Journal of Analytical Psychology”, “Russian Journal of Analytical Psychology”, “Jungian Study” in Italy and “Psychotherapy” of French journal. His paper “Psychological Skin: Psychotic Defense, Edge Process and Delusion” won the 2012 Fordham Best Clinical Paper Award and was nominated for the National Psychoanalytic Association’s Gradiva Award in New York in 2013. His latest work cover the chapter on the cancer of Froude in Cancer and the chapter on the state of elegance in the analysis of the moment of encounter. His rich clinical experience has extensive influence among the international psychology community.