Professor Angela Connolly was invited to gave speeches

Release date:2018-11-29
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On the 6th, 7th, November of 2018, Institute of Analytical Psychology invited Angela Connolly, Vice-chairman of IAAP came to give lectures about analytical psychology.


On the evening of November 6, Professor Angela Connolly gave a speech on the beginning and end of analysis at T408 of Dafeng Building. The professor proposed to first consider the purpose of analysis, and she divided the beginning of the analysis into two phases: the assessment phase and the initial treatment phase. Professor Angela Connolly believed that the symbolic content of the first dream is significant in the analysis process, and emphasized the importance role of typology that plays in creating and maintaining the rapport between the analyst and the analysand. It is pointed out that the subjective response of analysts was also a fundamental tool. Finally, she talked about how to end the analysis, and put forward her own and other experts' views on this issue.


On the afternoon of 7thNovember, Prof. Angela Connolly gave a lecture on the theme of ‘Psychological Interpretation of Children's Dreams’,and Prof. Heyong Shen attended.Professor Angela Connolly introduced the meaning of dream from four aspects and explained how to work on the image of dreams at the individual and collective levels by ‘amplification’,so as to make the existing image tangible. At the end of the speech, Prof. Angela Connolly described the dream of a five-year-old boy reported by Mrs. Margret Sachs. In the dream, there appears a man covered with hair, who suddenly comes up from the dark basement. He wants to seize the little boy and pull him down into the basement. She shared the joint work of Jung and the participant on this dream, the expansion of the meaning of hair and basement in the dream, and presented the classical school's approach to "dream" work, which is of great learning significance.


On the evening of 7th November, 2018, Angela Connolly conducted a group supervision in our Institute at the invitation of Professor Heyong. The case report was made by a PhD student of the Grade 2018. In the process of supervision, Angela discussed the functions of the father and mother in the family, and the influence of the relationship between the child and the mother on the Consultation relationship, which enlightened everyone's thinking of the case. Professor Shen, together with Angela, then discussed the analysis of some special miniatures in sandplay and the images in the dreams of analysands with the students present, which inspired everyone deeply.


Professor Angela Connolly is Italy Jungian analyst, Honorary Secretary General and Vice-chairman of IAAP, is proficient in ‘Analysis of Dream’ and ‘Work of Dream’, and published many books and academic articles, which have a huge impact in the field of psychoanalysis. She is also the former European Subeditor of Analytical Psychology and has made an outstanding contribution to the development of IAAP.